Stock Classes

Stock Classes will display all stock equipment as the car was delivered at the dealership from the factory. 3 minor changes that are not factory supplied equipment will be allowed in stock class. Normal maintenance items such as tires, battery, ignition parts, belts, hoses, filters, exhaust, suspension and brake components that are subject to normal wear will not be considered as a change. Restored and Original cars are eligible for stock class, but owners that have prepared their Fieros for the factory original stock appearance that are factory original will be suggested to enter Class U FACTORY STOCK SHOWROOM CLASS. 

Minor changes as example would include items such as pinstripes, aftermarket radio, Holley side scoop, logo valve stem covers, and chrome lug nuts.

 Verifiable GM Authorized Accessories as listed in any of the GM Parts Accessories catalog will be allowed and not considered as a change. Examples of GM Authorized Accessories are Security Systems, block heaters, mudflaps, GM lower rocker and door decals, Windshield “PONTIAC” decal, front end bras, mirror bras.

 Also allowed in stock classes are any factory supplied equipment or parts added to your stock Fiero. Items considered would include any bolt on stock Fiero parts that were produced at the Fiero Plant for any model or year of the Fiero that may not have been originally installed on your Fiero. Any stock additions must appear, as the factory would have produced it in color, function, fit, and finish. Fieros that have such upgraded equipment that do not change the physical appearance of the car will be placed in Stock Classes A through J. Examples of added factory equipment are as follows: Power Locks, Windows, Mirrors, Trunk release, cruise control, factory radio upgrade, center oil/volt gauge pods, factory subwoofer, factory seat changes including driver’s lumbar to leather seats, factory steering wheels and shifter knobs, tilt steering column, Factory wing, Factory luggage rack, factory Fiero wheels, Factory Sunroof, C+C T-Tops, Aero Fascias and ground effects painted low gloss black, silver, or body color, Fastback Rear Clip,  2.5L Four and 2.8L V-6 engine swaps, Automatic to Manual Transmission and vise versa,  Factory Air Conditioning, Factory  Rear Window  Defroster 

Fieros with custom wheels and tires will be entered in to Custom Class best matching the number of changes.

 An exception to stock classes will be made for convertibles that would normally qualify for a stock class with the exception of the addition of the convertible top conversion.

 An exception to stock classes will be made for Fieros that have had 3.4L V-6 replacement remanufactured or crate engines installed provided that the engine bay and engine appear identical to the way the factory originally installed the stock V-6 engine.

Custom Classes

Custom classes are designated for the basically stock Fiero that has had minor enhancements or changes made to personalize the Fiero to the owners taste. A majority of the changes in Custom Classes will generally but not specifically be bolt on items. Each level of the Custom Classes is mainly based on the number of changes made from stock. Specified example changes will automatically qualify a Fiero for a class as indicated in each custom class description.

Modified Classes

Modified Classes are designated for the Fiero that has had changes made that require a more advanced level of skill than simple bolt on parts. Modified Classes will include Fieros that have significant changes made that alter the physical appearance and/or the mechanical function of a stock Fiero. Each level of the Modified Classes is mainly based on the number of changes made to the car. Specified example changes will automatically qualify a Fiero for a class as indicated in each modified class description. Due to the large amount of creativity in the Fiero Community, each modified class description examples are generally brief with enough material to give a feel for the type of Fieros intended for that class.