During the week of 7/10/23, any questions can be answered by contacting one of the following:

  • Overall Track Day: Paul Hosler  Phone or Text: 270-392-4618
  • Overall Track Day back up number: Eric Schneck Phone or Text: 256-333-0069
  • Tech Inspection: Jon Miller of Jon Miller Car Care Center: 609-713-9609

     We will be on site during the whole event. If there is a question we cannot answer, we will contact the appropriate event coordinator responsible for the field of your specific question.

  Check In: Please check in at the main event check in. Once you check-in, please take your car to Tech Inspection as soon as possible.  Schedule and Map of the Tech Inspection area are attached to this email.

Map and track layout can be viewed by clicking here.

Mandatory Tech Inspection:

      M1 Concourse has provided our club a list of requirements necessary to enter the track. 

     Please ensure you receive and keep the following:

  • Copy of your signed Fiero 40th Tech Inspection sheet.    
  • (Bring the signed Tech Sheet with you to the Track)
  • Copy of the Track Day Schedule
  • Map of M1 and Staging
  • Group and Sub Group Assignment
  • Tech Inspection “Dot” on your windshield     
  • (Red = Performance Blue = Parade)
  • Wrist bands for the event     
  • (Red = Performance Driver Blue = Parade Driver Black = Parade Passenger)


  • Long pants
  • Closed toed shoes
  • No exposed ankles

At the Track

  • Arrive no later than 7:30am for Performance Groups and 9:20am for Parade Groups
  • Park trailers in designated areas.
  • Park your Fiero in the proper Grid location (See map) by the following times
  • 8:15AM Performance Groups
  • 9:30AM Parade Groups
  • Drivers Meeting – Please do not be late – if driver school is not attended in its entirety, you will forfeit your chance to drive and will not receive a refund.
  • 8:20AM Performance Groups
  • 10:00AM Parade Groups


   Snell SA2015 or newer helmets are required. Please ensure that you will have a helmet that fits correctly during the event. Below are 2 options.

  • Bring your own: Make sure that it has been verified as Snell SA2015 during the tech inspection
  • Don’t forget to bring it to the track!
  • Borrow one from M1: Make sure that you provide your helmet size during Tech Inspection.

Travel to M1

     A Caravan will be gathering at the hotel to travel together to M1.  

  • 6:45AM – GATHER for caravan departure to the M1 Concourse for Groups A, B, and C. DEPATURE time is 7:10AM. Return to the hotel on your own.
  • 8:15AM – GATHER for caravan departure to the M1 Concourse for Groups D, E, and F and for spectators. DEPATURE time is 8:45AM. Return to the hotel on your own.
  • Individuals may also drive over to M1 individually.

My heading is awesome

  • Stay hydrated!
  • Sunscreen!
  • Follow the Track Schedule
  • Contact us with any questions or concerns.
  • Food and drinks will be available on site.
  • Make sure you check out the Historic Cars on display!

The caravan will leave the hotel at 6:45AM, the MANDATORY drivers meeting begins at 8:20 am for Performance laps and 10am for Parade laps. If you miss the meeting you forfeit the ability to participate and will not be refunded. Click the blue link above for a full schedule.

Tech inspection is required for anyone participating in Parade or Performance laps. Tech inspection can be completed at the host hotel 7/12/2023 at 1:00pm to 4:00pm and 7/13/2023 at 9:00am to 1:00pm. Click on either link below for a copy of the Tech Inspection form. Please ensure your car will pass tech before arriving, we do not want to turn anyone away but these are the guidelines set by M1 and will be upheld. If your vehicle does not pass tech no refund will be issued.