Putting on an event of this caliber is costly – while many individuals and organizations have already come on board to sponsor this event and more sponsorships are being sought, the MWFC also decided to give Fiero owners another opportunity to contribute by bidding on unique Fiero-related merchandise through a monthly auction series in 2022 and 2023.

hOST hotel

Reservations are now available for the Host Hotel of the  40th Anniversary Celebration of the Pontiac Fiero Presented by M1 Concourse! To be held July 12-16, 2023. The rate for July 10-18, 2023 at the Auburn Hills Centerpoint Marriott is $134. Rooms are booking fast. If room block is saying sold out that means one or more nights block is full and you will be required to pay retail rate for those nights and can pay the block price for the other nights. If this is needed please call +1 248-253-9800 to reserve. For more hotel information click here.

Register Today

MWFC is projecting that 400 Fieros from all around North America will attend along with guests from around the world. Register today and lock in your chance to expierence the M1 Concourse first hand.

The Event

The Midwest Fiero Clubs (MWFC) is a non-geographical region of the AACA, currently consisting of individual members from around the United States who are associated with nine deferent member clubs that collectively comprise the MWFC. These member clubs presently include: the Heartland Fiero Club (of Iowa), Michigan Fiero Club, Wisconsin Fiero Fanatics, Mid-Atlantic Fiero Owners Association, Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts, Kansas City Fiero Owners Group, Minnesota Fieros Forever, Midwest Fieros (of Nebraska), and Mid-America Fieros (of Kentucky). We are a dedicated group of enthusiasts whose passion is to promote and preserve the Pontiac Fiero and the Fiero Community.

Every five years since 2003, the core members of this group have been involved in organizing and directing Fiero Anniversary Celebration Events. These celebrations commemorate the 5-year incremental anniversaries of the first day the Fiero began production of consumer cars, July 16, 1983. The 2003 and 2008 events were held at the Centerpoint Marriott in Pontiac, MI with outings to surrounding facilities including the GM Heritage Center, Waterford Hills Race Course, and Milan Dragway. The 2013 event was held in Indianapolis, IN and featured a day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway driving our Fieros on the track! The 2018 event was held in East Peoria, IL to tie-in with an outing to the Pontiac, IL Pontiac-Oakland Museum. For the 2023 event, we are currently making plans to return to the birthplace of the Fiero, Pontiac, MI. 

The 40th Anniversary Celebration will include numerous events including a distinguished speakers event, a visit and scavenger hunt with the Pontiac Transportation Museum, a day at M1 Concourse, and our feature show at the host hotel. Other events will occur at our host hotel, the Centerpoint Marriott. This celebration will bring home the last Pontiacs made in Pontiac, MI, including the very last car ever pro-duced there – a 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT. Other cars that will be on site include the remaining Fiero PPG Pace Cars, the 2+2 Fiero prototype, other Fiero prototypes and other special Fieros from private collections. One of the three original 1984 Fiero Indy Pace Cars is already conrmed to attend, and it is anticipated that the other two cars will also be on hand, making this event the first time all three cars have been together since race day in 1984. MWFC is projecting that 400 Fieros from around the United States will attend along with guests from around the world. Our Fiero community is a friendly, diverse group that gets together to enjoy the camaraderie of our fellow Fiero owners and exchange all things Fiero.

While this anticipated collection of Fieros is quite special, an even more extraordinary part of the event will be the assemblage of people that will come together to celebrate the Fiero including members of the Pontiac Motorsports Division, such as Ben Scheiwe and John Callies, members of the Pontiac Design Studio and Pontiac Engineering along other key members of the Fiero team. MWFC is also going to issue a special invitation to all individuals who worked at the Fiero plant to come and celebrate one of the most unique cars General Motors ever produced.


Check out all of our supporting sponsors, arranging and facilitating a event of this capacity wouldn’t be possible without all of our sponsors. If your interested in becoming a sponsor use our contact form to discuss options.

Our Presenting Sponsor:

Class Sponsor
Contributor to the Kids Zone

M1 Concourse

M1 Concourse blends style and speed, offering the perfect automotive events and entertainment venue at our 87-acre property including a motorsports community of Private Garages and its own private Motorsports Club. This state-of-the-art facility features indoor and outdoor spaces that overlook the 1.5-mile Champion Motor Speedway performance driving track. M1 can transform any event into a one-of-a-kind exclusive experience. The M1 Concourse is conveniently located on the legendary Woodward Ave. in the city of Pontiac and is less than 35 miles from Detroit’s Metropolitan International Airport.

In short, M1 Concourse is the epicenter of all things automotive in Metro Detroit, providing a place where enthusiasts can keep, show, and exercise their vehicles in the company of other enthusiasts! (Source:

Link to M1

Track Day

We will will offer two options for the track day event, parade laps and performance laps. Parade laps ($25) will consist of multiple laps around the M1 Concourse track at Parade speed (20 to 30 MPH). It will be in a Lead / Follow format that permits a passenger. Our parade group is limited to the first 30 – 60 Participants. Performance Laps ($100) will consist of a minimum of two 20 minute sessions. It will be in a Lead / Follow format in 3 car groups. Speed will be based on each groups experience level. No passengers are permitted during performance sessions. The track will open for performance laps at 7 AM. Parade laps will occur late morning. Schedule TBD June 2023

Track Use Requirements

  • All cars must pass a tech session appropriate to their driving class (parade laps & performance).
  • All drivers must undergo driver training prior to setting foot on the track.

Parade Laps Tech Requirements:

  • Tires sent to recommended pressures
  • Tires – No Dry rot
  • Loose Items removed interior
  • Floor Mats Removed
  • Seat belts properly installed, inertia reels operational, good condition
  • Steering Wheel – No play
  • Mirrors mounted securely
  • Seats mounted securely
  • Fluid Leaks – None visible
  • Battery securely mounted
  • Brakes have adequate pedal
  • Brake reservoir full
  • Functioning Brake and Hazard lights

Performance Laps Tech Requirements:

  • Loose Items removed interior
  • Floor Mats Removed
  • Seat belts properly installed, inertia reels operational, good condition
  • Steering Wheel – No play
  • Mirrors mounted securely
  • Seats mounted securely
  • Roll Bars, if installed, must meet the minimum requirements of SCCA,
  • NASA, or other recognized sanctioning event.

  • Shocks in good condition
  • Brakes have adequate pedal
  • Brake reservoir full
  • Brake fluid is clear
  • Functioning Brake and Hazard lights
  • Brake Pads – Minimum 1/3 life remaining
  • Rotors – No signs of cracking

  • Tires no more than 4 years old
  • Tires sent to recommended pressures
  • Tires – No Dry rot
  • Tires – Above Minimum tread depth
  • Wheel Lugs – Torqued to spec.
  • Wheel Bearings – no play
  • Rims – Not bent or cracked

  • No structural rust near suspension components
  • Fluid Leaks – None visible
  • Battery securely mounted
  • Belts – No cracks or Fraying
  • Hoses – No leaks, Cracks, or Dry rot
  • Throttle return action safe and positive
  • Helmet meets Snell SNA 2015 or newer
  • Exhaust system securely mounted
  • Engine oil vent tank and Coolant vent tank (race preped vehicles)
  • Fuel and Oil lines inside the cockpit must be metal braided hose with AN
    fittings or entirely covered with metal cover.

Join us for the 40th Anniversary Celebration!


This event schedule will be changing frequently as more pieces are put in motion to bring you a Fiero-packed weekend. To view more information about any activities, just click on the Events link. Please continue to review as plans may change at any point. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Evening Visit: Private Tour of The Lingenfelter Collection – Pre-Registration Required

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Morning: Pontiac Transportation Museum Tour – Open to Public
All Day: Pontiac Transportation Museum Scavenger Hunt – Pre-Registration Required
Afternoon & Evening: Distinguished Speaker Event at The Crofoot Ballroom Hall – Tickets Required
Afternoon & Evening:  Display of Fieros in Downtown Pontiac – Open to Public

Friday, July 14, 2023

AM & Afternoon: Track Day at M1 Concourse – Spectators Open to the Public
All Day: Pontiac Transportation Museum Scavenger Hunt – Pre-Registration Required
Evening: Cookout at Pontiac Transportation Museum
 – Pre-Registration Required

Saturday, July 15, 2023

All Day: Show at Marriott – Open to Public

Sunday, July 16, 2023

AM: Awards Breakfast (Marriott) – Pre-Registration Required
AM: Awarding of Door Prizes (Marriott)


Volunteers are needed to help with every aspect of this event. Many volunteers make for a smooth-running event and we’d be grateful if you would be willing to donate even a small amount of time to this celebration.


Midwest Fiero Clubs Region of the AACA

2 days 10 hours ago

See this Fiero Rally Car at the Pontiac Transportation Museum during the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Pontiac Fiero Presented by M1 Concourse July 12-16

Midwest Fiero Clubs Region of the AACA

4 days 13 hours ago

The 40th Anniversary Event July 12-16th needs over 300 volunteers who are willing to do 2 hour shifts. Can you help us out? Please email

Midwest Fiero Clubs Region of the AACA

6 days 23 hours ago

Did you know you can purchase 40th Anniversary Merchandise now and pick it up at the event? Get your order in before items are sold

Midwest Fiero Clubs Region of the AACA

1 week 23 hours ago

We thank our amazing sponsors who are helping us put on the biggest and best Fiero anniversary event for you July 12-16, 2023 in Pontiac


You have questions. wE have answers.

Below is a list of some common FAQs if you have a question related to something below or something not listed feel free to reach out using our contact form. We look forward to seeing you on show day.

When is the deadline to register for the event?

The $40 pre-registration price will end on June 26, 2023. Registration past this date will cost $50. T-Shirts are only guaranteed via pre-sale.

Do I need tickets to attend events at the 40th Anniversary Celebration?

Yes, all events require tickets for all attendees. Only the car show is open to the general public; however, to park on the showfield, registration is required.

I would like to have an indoor parking space. How can I guarantee a spot?

Indoor parking spaces are limited. Spaces will first be allotted for historic vehicles (prototypes, vehicles with specific provenance). Additional spaces will be distributed based on availability and vehicle features. Photographs may be requested.

I would like to bring a car but my car is not “show quality”. Why should I register?

We truly welcome all Fieros of any kind. We are hosting this event to celebrate the car and those who enjoy it. The fact that you are helping to preserve the excitement is why we invite you to this event and we are happy to welcome your car in any condition.

What is the difference between the “judged” and “non-judged” options?

Cars in “judged” classes will be judged by a team of trained volunteer judges on a 100 point AACA based judging sheet. This is a good opportunity to learn about ways you can continue to improve the quality of your car’s presentation. Cars in judged classes will be eligible for class awards, special awards and people’s choice awards. They will be parked by class (with the exception of those parked indoors). “Non-judged” cars will have a separate parking area and are only eligible for special awards and people’s choice awards.

Where can I clean my car?

A car washing station will be available at the hotel. Please bring your own washing supplies.

I would like to volunteer at the event but don’t want to spend the whole time working.

This event is entirely run by volunteers and the more individuals who offer to assist, the more we can share the load. Volunteers will be asked to work a single 2 hour shift during the event; however, we always welcome individuals who wish to volunteer for multiple shifts.

Will there be trailer parking?

Yes – please let us know on the registration form that you will require trailer parking to aid us in planning.

Do I need to stay at the host hotel?

No. While we encourage participants to consider this option, you are welcome to stay anywhere and attend all parts of the event.

Can anyone drive in the event at the M1 Concourse

A legal driver’s license is required to participate in this event.

Will merchandise be sold on site?

A limited number of items will be sold on site. We strongly encourage pre-order to guarantee item availability.

Can I bring items to sell?

Free swap meet spaces will be available for those interested in selling small quantities of original Fiero parts. Vendor spaces are available for large sellers and those selling aftermarket parts. MWFC is not responsible for vendor sales or service during this event.

Can I sell/display items i sell alongside my car?

Yes – we do have a $50 carside vendor option. This must be purchased for anyone selling physical parts or taking orders for items for sale. Please register for this option in advance so we can plan your car’s placement on the showfield.

Will there be food on site at the events?

The host hotel has a restaurant. During Thursday events, food will be available in the town of Pontiac and at the Crofoot for participants to purchase. We anticipate food sales at the M1 Concourse but are presently finalizing details. Friday night’s Cook Out will include food for participants with purchase of the event ticket. During Saturday’s show day, food trucks will be on site for participant purchases. During Sunday’s award ceremony, there is an option to purchase breakfast.

May I bring a pet?

With the exception of service animals, pets are not permitted inside the facilities where are events are being hosted.

May I bring my children?

Yes – while not every event may be exciting for young children, a Kids’ Zone will be part of Saturday’s show. We encourage you to learn more about the other events to determine what will be of interest to your children.

Can I bring a drone?

Drones are not permitted at most sites. Please contact MWFC for further information.

May I have a canopy on the showfield?

Space near cars will be limited. There may be some space for canopies in certain areas. When feasible, canopies must be secured at all four corners. Canopy owners are fully liable for canopies at all times.

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