Additional Vehicle Registration

Thank you for joining us for the 40th Anniversary show, please read through everything and understand an event of this size will continue to change all the way up until the show. Standard show pre-registration is $40 per car and will include a Key Fob and Badge Plaque. This registration form if to be completed after your initial registration for any additional cars you plan on bringing. Every additional registration will include standard registration perks such as the Key Fob and Badge Plaque. Reuse this form for every additional car you plan on displaying. For additional vehicle’s registration is discounted to $30 a car, you do have the option to also register this vehicle for the track day event as well. No drivers or cars can be swapped at the event for track use. Pre-registration ends on June 26, 2023. Registration day of the event will be $50.

Please do not share this link, misuse of the additional vehicle registration will result in an additional payment request or denial to the show.

Mail in registration forms available upon request click here to email a request.